Although BROCK may be an American company, we have deep roots in the international community. The concept of BROCK shock pad technology actually began in Europe before moving production to the United States. The European and world markets have been open to the fact that artificial turf fields perform better and are safer for athletes of all ages, in all sports, when they are installed using BROCK shock pads. International safety standards for artificial turf fields used in soccer, rugby, field hockey and many other sports are driving the integration of shock pads into artificial turf field design.

BROCK pioneered the idea of a performance base shock pads for synthetic turf in 2004. Today as the industry leader with hundreds of fields successfully installed in 20 countries, and more going down each day, fields built with BROCK are safer, drain better, last longer, and represent the most sustainable product and design in the industry.


  • 100% sustainable product (C2C™ up-cycling)
  • 100% white ARPRO™ pure expanded polypropylene
  • 100% closed-loop recyclable, with no limit to the number of times the material can be recycled
  • 100% non toxic
  • 100% lead free
  • Maximum safety
  • Vertical and lateral drainage
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Thermal insulation
  • Patented (overlapping) interlocking system
  • Light in weight
  • Flexible system for quick and easy installation
  • Boots the feeling of nature grass
  • Best proven system on the market
  • Optimal sports performance
  • No similar product
  • Material is resistant to bacteria, fungi and chemicals
  • No waste or environmental impact
  • Less transport and CO2 emissions than other systems
  • For decades in optimal condition underground: does not move and does not distort during heat, moisture, cold or dry conditions
  • Ideal for various (permeable or impermeable) basic constructions of concrete, stone, asphalt and compact sand or gravel
  • Eliminating the need for glues or tapes because of the C2C™ certification
    Cradle to Cradle™ certified; DIN V 18035-7 environmental compatibility standard and EN 1177:2008 certified. BROCK PowerBase products have been tested, complies and exceeds all requirements The ESSM 105d “Swiss guideline for the assessment of the environmental compatibility of flexible plastic pavement on outdoor installations”, as issued by the Swiss Federal Sport Institute in Magglingen